This very quick to make, cheat’s trifle is just divine with the bonus of being seriously impressive.
If you want to make it the quickest of ways here goes…
1 chocolate sponge roll (broken into bite sized pieces)
1 box prepared custard (I make fresh custard using chocolate milk)
500 g Fresh pitted cherries (tinned Black Doris plums are a wonderful alternative)
½ c Kahlua (to taste)
500 g cream
I packet In-Salt Salted Chocolate sugar
A glass bowl (I often use a round vase)
Whip cream to a firm consistency then add Salted Chocolate sugar to taste. We like it well flavoured. If you have a wide bowl, place half of the chocolate sponge pieces loosely on the base. Sprinkle over half of the Kahlua, again, we like it strong.
Then layer a third of the cherries followed by layers of the custard and the flavoured cream. Repeat the whole process finishing with the flavoured cream.
Use the remaining third of the cherries to decorate the top of the trifle. Place in the fridge to ‘mature’. Before serving sprinkle liberally with the remaining Salted Chocolate sugar. Enjoy.