This long weekend was the perfect time to try this so easy, so delicious tipple. In-Salt salted sugars (Espresso or Chocolate) are the perfect way to liven up your cocktail presentation by rimming the lip of your serving glasses and sprinkling over your creation.
A lot of guides will tell you that the way to rim a glass is to take it, turn it upside down, dunk it in liquid, and then dip it in salt, sugar, or whatever. And, sure you can do this, however, this way will get as much of the salt or sugar inside the glass as you do outside. That salt or sugar then dissolves into the drink, knocking the flavours out of balance.
A more considered way is to place 2 tablespoons of liquid (we used espresso) in a saucer. Then, in a second saucer, place 2 tablespoons rimming powder. We used Salted Chocolate sugar however the Salted Espresso sugar is equally as good. Holding the glass by its stem, carefully tip it toward the first saucer at about a 45-degree angle. Dip the glass into the liquid, rotating the glass through the espresso so that only the outer edge of the rim becomes moist. Be sure to moisten about a quarter inch of the rim. Repeat this process with the glass in the second saucer, coating the outer lip of the glass in rimming powder.
Ingredients (for 4 cocktails)
150 gm vodka
120 g Kahlua
120 g brewed espresso coffee
Salted Espresso sugar OR Salted Chocolate sugar
This recipe is as simple as placing the vodka, Kahlua, espresso and ice cubes into a blender (we use a Thermomix as it only takes 20 seconds) and crush.
Then strain through a fine mesh sieve into the 4 cocktail glasses that you have rimmed with Salted sugar, sprinkle with the salted sugar of your choice and serve immediately.